Three Years and Counting … Another Partnership Worth Touting!

A city as beautiful as Delray Beach doesn’t happen overnight … But at any rate, it does happen. Fortunately, this great city has been able to flourish beyond belief with a combination of a few important elements …

1.) Money
2.) Culture
3.) Good people

It’s not too often you find people like those in Delray, who are constantly doing things to better the community. Whether it’s an event to help raise money for a local charity, city leaders coming together with local residents to make big planning decisions, or employers increasing employee wages–Delray Beach continues to thrive in so many ways. The evidence? … Well, besides the increase in population and business development, the evidence here is the rapid growth in the number of events put on in Downtown Delray … I’ve never seen anything like it.

Food festivals, holiday ceremonies, craft shows … you name it, Delray does it … But one event, or series of events, that has grown drastically and has really become near and dear to our Schumacher Delray hearts is the Free Friday Concert Series put on by Old School Square.

Remember what I said above about the money, culture and good people? Well, in this particular case, Schumacher of Delray donates the money, Old School Square brings the culture, and you are the good people who make this all worthwhile.

See, Melissa and Joe (from Old School Square) came to us nearly three years ago to express their interest in Schumacher of Delray being a presenting sponsor for the Free Friday concert series … (a 17-week concert streak of bands from all different genres playing on a big, outdoor stage located in the heart of Downtown Delray and surrounded by a large grassy area, where thousands of people set up their lawn chairs to enjoy the live entertainment, food from the food truck vendors and drinks from the bar) … We, without question, accepted the opportunity.

Old School Square is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to bringing life to the community. It’s actually a National Historic Site where early 20th century school buildings have been restored to now act as a museum, theatre, gymnasium, a art’s school and pavilion for visual and performing arts. On a bigger scale, what this partnership does for the community and all of the culture at that Old School Square has to offer is the real reason behind the method.

Delray Beach is one of a kind … the sky is the limit in this town and year after year, with the growing sales, engagement and positive responses, we are seeing how important this partnership is, not only to us, but to everyone in this area. It keeps us in business, allows for Old School Square to continue (impressively) to provide a real cultural opportunity for everyone in the community to benefit from and it helps keep this city thriving. It brings people from all walks of life together to engage in a purposeful, enjoyable and financially feasible night out in the beautiful city so many of us call home.

The Free Friday Concert Series began on October 2nd and will run consecutively until January 22nd. Each week, Schumacher of Delray has a presence (under the tent near the walkway) as the presenting sponsor and showcases vehicles from each of our brands throughout the series.

From 6:30pm to about 8:30pm every Friday (excluding 12/25/15 and 1/1/16) we will offer free entries for a chance to win Schumacher of Delray raffle prizes. The winners will be selected during intermission. We have 10 VIP seats we offer to our valued customers and when they choose to sit in our VIP section, they also receive one free drink ticket. For a full list of concerts and more information about Old School Square, please visit


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