The New Mission.

More than 40 years in the biz, yet every single day, we face a new challenge … More competitors, new employees, concerned customers, broken tools … you name it, we’ve heard it, done it, seen it, thought it, been it, said it .. everything’d it.

Over the past several months, we have certainly made quite a few changes within our dealership … We know, we know … you’ve heard it all before.

“Oh, sorry he doesn’t work here anymore” … “What? Another new manager? Why can’t you people keep your employees!?” …

Trust me, we ask ourselves the same question sometimes, but most recently, after months of concentration, dissection and really breaking down from the inside out, we have not only switched ownership, but now more than ever, we are taking bigger initiative to build up so that we can truly earn our customers’ business and build a better, long-term relationship with our local community.

We have hired more, better qualified, eager employees in every department to be able to accommodate ALL of our customers. We have set out to understand the needs of our customers by reaching out on all forms of communication. We have implemented new strategies for concern resolution, like our call center, and have enhanced our showrooms with complimentary breakfast items and gourmet coffee, and most importantly, we have set new expectations for our employees to make sure they are trained in every level of expertise so our customers receive everything they deserve in every aspect of their sale, service and experience at Schumacher of Delray.

In addition to the positive changes arising within our dealership, we have taken initiative to respond and educate our community and consumers on what really goes on within the boundaries of our 14-acre automotive complex. From the people who do the dirty work, to our community partners, to the landscapers … Schumacher of Delray, for the first time EVER, is bringing a new, fun, hip, social appeal to our consumers and neighbors.

We have years of experience in this industry, yet we still seem to face challenges every single day … but by recognizing our weaknesses within our walls and taking responsibility to overcome these obstacles–from customer concerns, to professionalism, to the quality of products we sell–we are, somehow, gaining the wisdom needed to progress in this ever-changing industry. Now, we want to invite you to be a part of our new and improved journey.

So, as we step into the shoes of honing the slogan “to serve customers for life,” we ask you to please engage, like, share, comment, post and watch as we demonstrate what it’s like to be a part of the Schumacher family in a new and improved, Schumacher way.


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